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Hey, my name is Sandy! This blog is run by me and my little Jack Russell Terrier, Casey. I draw, So I guess you can call this my art blog.

Coffee Drinkin' Yuppie(s)
My Coffee Brings All The Yuppies To The Bar

What’s better than staying up until 3:30AM drawing your otp being cuties? Getting turnt and doing the same exact fucking thing HAHAHA
Trace really has a way with words doesn’t he? Well then again… how can you deny those baby blues of his
I don’t post selfies very much because I’m extremely shy showing pictures of myself. But um, I want to show you guys my haircut that I really freaking love on me!!
I doodled up my doggy! He’s a giant cutie patootie!
A little something something for my good friend, JuliaI hope I didn’t butcher Nicoli too much AUGHP.S. Even though Trace pretends to get annoyed when Nicoli gives him the title “signore” he actually really likes being called “signore”
Guess who moved into my town today!!! Boy oh boy, he was one of my favorite wolf villagers on my original animal crossing. UvU <333
Be careful, with that language your high profile real estate agent may just be Illinois’ vampire king…
I drew this a week ago, but I really like how this came out so I’m posting it here!!
I wanted to draw a deer with these new brushes I downloaded a while ago and I ended up making a new deer character! Dolly the deer. She’s a piebald deer haha
Yesterday I finished a doodle I did on my phone with sketchbook pro!
Spent moat of yesterday drawing up a “hello spring” picture! Eglinton is planting some of my favorite spring flowers!!!
He’s always his worst behavior HAHAHA
Doodle before bed!! Gotta draw me some Trace before bed you know?
I was feeling sad this evening so I thought I’d draw some happy Eglinton to make me feel better! Which it kind of did haha!!
I spend my nights drawing mushy gushy stuff of these two partners in crime. They love eachother so much it kind of shows in everything they do. They’re inseparable blegh