Hey guys!! I’ve entered my Cybunny into the beauty contest!! This is actually my first real attempt to entering the beauty contest out of my 10 years on neopets hahahaPLEASE VOTE FOR HIM!!!
So for animal sweater sunday I doodled (rather, messily), my Eglinton and zobobafoozie's Zobo. (Her body along with her ears were going to get colored too but I’m not too sure what happened lol) As metalheads! UvU
HELLO ART BLOG!!! Long time no see!!This is a doodle I got waaaay too carried away with. I actually really love how this turned out haha
Not too proud of the background… It was kinda a fast little thing I whipped up. I haven’t drawn Trace linelessly in a VERY long time. I had to put a background because of him being so pale. GUHHH… Maybe I’ll add a proper background some time when I don’t have to wake up early for work lol
Doodled a Link for Sketch_Dailies on twitter!! It’s a really fun thing on Twitter! Really gets rid of the art block haha!!

AAAAAA 500 FOLLOWERS!!! ;~;Thank you guys! All of you!! I’m honored that my art is appreciated by 500 people! I love all of you!!

Tonight’s doodle, is a self portrait! I dedicate this selfie to my Jack Russell, Casey! This also doubles as something for my blog layout hehe <333
A little fanart for one of my favorite, Inspiring children’s books; Skippy Jon Jones! If you haven’t heard of this really cute book, it’s about a siamese cat that thinks he’s a chihuahua. He goes on adventures with his imaginary chihuahua friends!READ IT! IT’S GREAT ;~;
An art trade I did with my cutie patootie neyzilla!!!! Court is a total cutie! Just like you hehe
Do you guys ever just think about how cold Trace is next to Casey? Yeah I do…
I drew my animal crossing mayor the other night haha!! Be my animal crossing friend! Tell me your friend codes!

Just a doodle of an upset, jealous Casey before I do some work related things hahahaHE LOOKS SO DISPLEASED MY FAVORITE ~*~*~
A doodle became a new character! I figured out a name for him too: Tommy Tiger!
My favorite “deer” villager, Zell! I swear guys. He’s got a crush on me, He keeps sending me cutesy letters. I’m not even kidding!Tried a different style of coloring haha! Watercolor like!
HAHA DIDN’T THINK HE’D HAVE CURLY HAIR AS A KID, EH? Well!! You thought wrong. Haha he was always loosing those darn hotwheels everywhere!! You could never get a picture of him not covered in dirt from playing his little “race car games” mostly in dirt HAHA. He mainly wore overalls. And Turtlenecks and boy let me tell you how much he hated those things.
Just a doodle before bed!! I want to draw some more babu casu u~u
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Hey, my name is Sandy! This blog is run by me and my little Jack Russell Terrier, Casey. I draw, So I guess you can call this my art blog.

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